Translation of food ingredients

The same ingredient or vegetable or even some of the meat products can have different regional names across the world. Even within the English-speaking world, some of the names for the same ingredient can be different. For example a capsicum in Australia is known as bell pepper in the UK or simply bell or sweet pepper in the US. A list of such commonly used vegetables and ingredients have been prepared that show the various regional names in various countries. This list isn’t completely exhaustive and further additions would be made from time to time for the ease of our readers.

Feel free to browse through the list and get to know the actual ingredient that you need to sue in the recipe that you are making. Feel free to write to us, if you find any ingredient or vegetable to be missing and would like to see it incorporated in the list. Sometimes it is quite possible that a [particular ingredient may not be available in the country. Check out with your local suppliers or some groceries that may stock the supply. Sometimes the list will show the closest possible ingredient and may not be the exact ingredient that you are looking for.