This is your opportunity to share your artistic and creative ability with the whole world!    We welcome submissions of new card designs.  All ecards that are submitted by email will be considered for inclusion as part of Happy Day Cards free email greetings.

You can either send your original ecard to us in an email or send it as an attachment.  Or, if you know how to make a web page, you can send the web page as an attachment to your email.   Please put your name, address and phone number in the body of the email.  Send your email to:




1.    ARTWORK AND VERSES:  must be YOURS.  NO ARTWORK OR VERSES (verses means the message on the card design) obtained from image or poetry searches on the web, calendar pages, books or any other source that might be copyrighted will be accepted.

2.    SIZE REQUIREMENTS:  All finished artwork must be at least 600 pixels wide and no wider than 800 pixels.

3.    GIVING PROPER CREDIT:  If your drawing or artwork or photo is original, then please let us know.   However, if you get your artwork or poem from a friend or public domain site, please provide proper credit so we can put a credit line on the page giving you credit for the card design and another credit line giving credit for the artwork.




If your original card design is not accepted for use on this site it is not a reflection on your artistic ability, but simply a statement that we do not feel your design will fit in well on this web site.

If we accept your card design, we will incorporate it into our standard web page format, using our background, headers, sending information, and all other elements of the regular card pages on this web site.   We may add borders and/or music or otherwise modify your card design if it is accepted for use on this web site.

You may wish to read the complete Rules and Legal Agreement information.   If not, you won't have to worry about it unless you send in a card design and we want to use it -- then we'll ask you to verify that you have read and accept the complete terms of agreement.

If your card design is accepted and becomes part of this web site we will put a credit line immediately below the card and you will have "bragging rights" for that card page.   If you have a web site or a blog we can, at our discretion, also add a link to your web page or blog in the credit line.